Why Autumn and Winter are the Best Times to Take a Taxi

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Steamline Taxis are 83 years old this month so we thought it was good time to point out why this time of year is such a great time to take a taxi.  We always notice an upsurge in people booking taxis when they’re out and about in and around Brighton at this time of year.  It’s not just because of the weather either, even if that is a pretty good reason, there are lots of events going on, and we don’t just mean the many boozy OktoberFests going on, that you would definitely be better off getting a taxi to and from.


Awards and Charity Balls

Autumn seems to be the biggest time of year for business award ceremonies and charity balls.  Celebrations, commiserations and all round jollity means that the drink flows freely so driving to these events isn’t a good idea.  They’re also events which attract some magnificent outfits and no one really wants to take public transport in all their (rather uncomfortable and not easy to walk in) finery.


It’s all going on in the music world in October and November in Brighton with an eclectic mix of music festivals, club nights and classic 80s pop groups performing in the city.  We’ve got everything from the Early Music Festival on 25th October to 10th November taking place all over the city to the Off the Record – Independent Music Festival on Saturday 9th November at The Brunswick Pub.  In addition, we have performances from A-Ha, Alice Cooper, Squeeze, Beverley Knight and other legendary acts.


Halloween in Brighton seems to be another big time for grand events with the Martlets annual Halloween Ball at The Grand Hotel, the Haunted Ballroom experience at The Old Market and ScreamPark Halloween Pier Party being events you would definitely want to take a taxi to.  There are also all kinds of club nights and pub parties for Halloween this year.


We hate to be the ones to drop the ‘C’ word but it is the busiest time of year for us with hundreds of office parties, private parties and events.  That’s just in the evenings too.


With the big C looming, it is a good time to get a taxi back if you’ve been shopping.  Carrying heavy bags on public transport is a nightmare and the packed streets make bringing a car into town impractical.


It is news to no one in Brighton that the city has a serious parking problem and, at this time of the year with shoppers and inclement weather, it’s worse than ever.  The queues getting into the big car parks are horrendous and the street parking is so limited, anything bigger than a motorbike is impossible to park.  That’s why it’s best to take a taxi when you can.


Fancy clothes, heavy shopping and people out to enjoy themselves are all incompatible with rainy or windy weather and there is inevitably one or the other or both at this time of the year in Brighton.  With parking a problem and public transport not stopping where you want it to, walking around in this bad weather is likely so it’s really best to get a taxi which can take you right to the door of wherever you want to go.

How To Get A Taxi

Whatever your reasons for taking a taxi this autumn, it’s easiest done on our app where you can book a taxi in advance, call for one immediately, set up card payments and find out how close-by our taxis are.  Download it from the iPhone and Android app stores or call for a taxi the old fashioned way on 01273 202020.

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