Drive for Streamline.


The taxi knowledge in Brighton and Hove involves learning about 1200 streets in Brighton and about 600 streets in Hove.

What street is at one end and what street is at the other end.

There are also about three hundred “places of interest”. We break this down into twelve manageable weeks of study for brighton and six for Hove.

We give you intensive one-to-one tuition once a week at the school premises at Clifton Hill.

The real learning is down to you: you need to commit to studying at home three hours a day, five or six days a week for about five months.

Come along to Clifton Hill and ask any questions you want face to face or contact us on the details given below. It could be the start of a great new career!

Contact us today on 01273 729403

Or email us at FAO Amanda and Andrew, if you'd like to join.

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Please note all payments are non-refundable